Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My first time being a Facebook share holder.

     Since its first trade in NASDAQ on 18 May 2012, share price of Facebook Inc. (FB) had rapidly declined from IPO price of $38 (first day high at $45) to the bottom at $25.25. During recent two months, FB share price has been stabilizing and trying to develop a steady recovery back to its IPO price. On 18 July 2012, I drew a dotted line connecting two lowest prices and another parallel dotted line passing the recent high prices. This formed an initial price channel for FB recovery as shown in the picture below. In the price channel, I saw a potential "Hammer" candlestick signalling bullish reversal at the lower dotted line. Therefore, I thought FB might rally ahead of its first earning announcement on 26 July 2012.
     After decided to be a Facebook-share-holder tester, I bought 2 shares of FB at $28.68 and set a 10% stop-loss price at $28.68*0.90 = $25.81 or with a risk of $2.87. If FB rallied to the upper dotted line around $34.00, the reward would be $34.00 - $28.68 = $5.32. In this case the reward/risk was $5.32/$2.87 = 1.85 folds.

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